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Do you ever have passive OTPs

Like, you don’t read fic, you don’t look for art

but whenever something turns up you’re like hell fuckin yea

Virgo Quick Reference Guide

  1. Date:August 23 - September 22
  2. Symbol:The Virgin
  3. Element:Earth
  4. Duality:Feminine
  5. Quality:Mutable
  6. Planetary Ruler:Mercury
  7. As a friend:Good listener, helpful, truthful, comforting, trustworthy, a little wild, calming, real, there till the end, supportive, dependable
  8. As a lover:Classy, graceful, composed, funny, reserved, facade, sensitive, sexual, careful, passionate, mysterious, loving
  9. Positives:Creative, sharp, sensual, logical, disciplined, faithful, factual, witty, charming, insightful, discerning, analytical
  10. Negatives:Critical, demanding, slow to show emotion, thin-skinned, nervous, worrier, faithless, denial
  11. Best Matches:Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer
  12. Worst Matches:Virgo, Aquarius, Sagittarius
  13. Hit or Miss:Pisces, Aries
  14. Your Passion:To provide the ultimate need for something. To fill a void and exercise your true strengths and value. You are full of enterprising spirit as well as creativity.
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what if louis falls asleep on the couch sometimes and harry carries him to bed do you think that happens

yes and louis sings “bed time for me, bed time for me” in a sleepy voice

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Death metal band from Sydney. we also troll part time, fingerpaint, jump off dangerously low objects and eat alot. x




louis and harry might be able to look at each other this tour WOW

or like….hold me back….like act like the other one is on the stage

maybe they’ll even act like…get ready for this….like they’re in the same band…..or if we’re lucky…..touch wood……maybe it’ll almost be like they’re….friends

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